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Junkyard Simulator Steam Games CD Key
Junkyard Simulator Steam Games CD Key
Note: This is the initial version of the original product, not a gift pack or expansion pack, suitable for 64-bit Windows 10.
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-Use heavy machinery to process junk into raw materials and sell.
-Find old, broken-down cars, and restore them to their former glory to proudly display in your very own workshop.
-Transport abandoned vehicles with a tow truck and compress them until it resembles a small cube.
-Find old furniture, electrical appliances, car parts, and many different items to renovate them in your workshop.
-All of your finds and renovated items can be sold on the Scrap Market.
-Travel by foot or drive vehicles. You can use various types of cars to explore the map and transport your junk.
-Search for containers with randomly generated loot.
-Strip engines from the cars, take extra tasks from the people, use conveyor belts, and transfer junks.

-Make a fortune while working at a junkyard. You start with nothing but a hangover and slowly climb your way to success.
-You will have complete freedom in how you want to make money.
-Do you want to explore the world on foot or drive one of the available vehicles?
-Do you prefer to search for junk or look for hidden treasures?
-Is renovation your thing? Or maybe you're more of a heavy machinery kind of guy?
-Would you rather sell enormous amounts of small items or try something more ambitious, like -repairing a vintage car? Whatever you choose, and as long as it is junk-related, we got you covered.

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