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INDUSTRIA Steam Games CD Key
INDUSTRIA Steam Games CD Key
Note: This is the original product, not a gift pack or expansion pack, suitable for 64-bit windows10 system.
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Industria is a first-person shooter which lets you fight against humanoid robots, therefore, the player frequently shoots robots and machines, but never a living organism.
In a few instances, the player may see human remains, such as skeletons or blood stains in the environment.

On the evening of the fall of the Berlin wall, a young woman plunges headlong into a parallel dimension to find her missing work colleague who has disappeared under mysterious circumstances. While the checkpoints in East Berlin are still being overrun by crowds of people, Nora escapes from this world, into unknown layers of time and into an unknown fate.

-Profound story: Experience a classic story-driven first-person shooter with about 4 hours of gameplay.
-Tight atmosphere: Dive into a lovingly designed world full of mystery and lynchesque surreality.
-Deadly danger: Enemies lurk around every corner - defend yourself with 4 different weapons.
-Unique setting: Berlin at the time of the fall of the wall meets a surreal industrialized city.
-Experimental soundtrack: Synthesizer, acoustic instruments and melancholic vocals.

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