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Animal Crusaders Steam Games CD Key
Animal Crusaders Steam Games CD Key
Note: This is the initial version of the original product, not a gift pack or an extension pack, for Windows 10.
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Although animal crusades can be hectic at times you will notice there is depth in the chaos. This is achieved through careful balancing of each weapon type, throwable, and advanced mechanics such as parrying and fainting.

Use this technique to apply pressure while moving or simply bait out your opponent to attack.

In animal crusaders each hand is tied to a specific button. pressing the hand will raise and lower the respective hand. The position of the hands alter attack animations and block locations respectively. In other words if your shield arm is up you will block incoming high attacks!

If you find yourself in a pinch, roll! Rolling grants invulnerability frames, however it will also leave the player wide open for an attack if timed improperly.

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